What if there's more to life than just building a business and making money?

Don't get me wrong. Money is definitely important. It ranks up there with air and water. 

But running a successful business that makes you money is only 25% of a bigger equation. 

The bigger part of the equation will be revealed to you as you continue reading. 

You're here for a reason.

You were either referred here or you saw something online that caught your eye that made you curious for more.

The good news is that there is more ...

More happiness, more sex, more health in your body, and more of the right mindset.

The thing is, if you don't get these other areas right, money will never fix the problems you'll continually face.

Allow me to go deep with you.

Just track with me until the end.

I promise it will all make sense as you read on.

The world we live in is governed by an invisible algorithm I call the Force of Average. 

The Force of Average relates back to Newton's law of motion: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

But I’m about to tell you how to wage war against the equal and opposite reaction.

First, let's think about those equal and opposite reactions from the Force of Average:

Ever have a record-breaking month in your business only to have a down month immediately after?

Ever find the love of your life only to cheat on her or him with someone of less quality?

Ever lose the weight you wanted to lose, only to gain it all back over time?

Ever get focused on your goals only to get sidetracked by the uncertainties in life?

I know with 100% certainty you answered at least one of the above questions with a resounding "yes." 

It's OK. We have all fallen victim to the Force of Average. 

Any time you achieve greatness in your life, the Force of Average is right there with its weapon in hand, attempting to knock you back down to where you came from.

That's the Force of Average's one and only job -- to balance out your highs with lows.

My life is a dark example of this.

My family was rich until I was 5 years old and then the economy crashed and everything went to hell.

I was adopted at age 7, got good grades in school, and then I got on ADD meds and ended up dropping out of school when I was 15.

From the time I was 13, I had a job, but I ended up selling drugs and went to prison at age 19. I got out, became a millionaire by 25, then back to prison by 26. 

My story of extreme lows and meteoric highs has been told on 1000s of podcasts, websites, and articles in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more.

In 2009 I made $300k, fell in love, and re-married.

By March of 2010, I lost my job due to my background and by 2014 I was divorced again.

Every time I got up, the Force of Average was right there to knock me back down.

Eventually, I got fed up with rock bottom lows and skyrocket highs.

I wanted my life to continue to rise, without the devastating pitfalls to counterbalance it.

That's when I figured out what the Force of Average was and gave it a name.

The first rule of war is to identify your enemy. 

The Force of Average is your enemy.

Once you identify your enemy, you must know what the enemy’s main weapon of choice is, so you can grab an equally effective weapon to go into combat against it.

The Force of Average's only weapon is Distraction. 

It's here to distract you from your purpose, from your pleasures, and from your progress towards greatness.

You see, the closer you get to becoming the greatest version of yourself, the more the Force of Average tries to distract you.

That's why the highs are so often followed by rock-bottom lows.

If the Force of Average is set up to throw distractions at you as often as it can, you have to use the superpower you are naturally endowed with to beat it. 

That superpower is FOCUS. 

Think about it. When we get focused and in the zone, we are unstoppable.

You had that record month because you were focused on it.

You found the love of your life because you were focused on finding her or him.

You lost the weight and got into shape because you focused on it.

When humans dial in with laser focus, we change the world around us.

When Elon Musk focused on interrupting the banking system, he did it with what eventually became PayPal.

When Jeff Bezos focused on founding the online store that sold everything, he eventually passed up Walmart in sales and stock value.

When Steve Jobs focused on creating home computers for everyone in the world, he accomplished it. 

Focus is a superpower, and that superpower lies within you.

The main problem is that the Force of Average knows you're endowed with a superpower that can beat it, and it attacks you with distractions at an early age to curb your focus.

Think about it.

When you were young, your teachers and parents most likely told you that you can't focus in school, you can't sit still, or worse yet -- you have a mental disorder like ADHD.

The way we permanently think is shaped between the ages of 3 and 7.

After age 7, unless you have a life-altering event like a major health scare, a near-death experience, being imprisoned, getting a divorce, or something else catastrophic, you never change how you think. 

Most of us say things like "I can't pay attention" or "I'm having an ADHD moment." 

The list of lies we tell ourselves that were planted by the Force of Average into us at a young age are there to distract us for life.

After all, if the Force of Average wants to win, it would do its best to attack you when you are at your weakest, like between the ages of 3 and 7.

Fortunately for me, I've faced it all: health scares, near-death experiences, prison, divorce … and everything in between.

Because of this, I've had to change my viewpoint and thinking several times over the four decades that I've been alive.

Because of this change in my thinking, I found a way to stay focused and beat the Force of Average at its own game.

If the Force of Average is the algorithm that runs the planet … 

and its weapon against us is distraction … 

and we know our weapon against it is focus …

How do we focus?

What do we focus on? 

I have the answer. Just keep reading.

The problem with focus is that it's a vague word with no specific meaning to most people.

Again, this is a trick from the Force of Average to keep us distracted from being able to even define and implement the meaning of focus.

All most people know is that they just can't do it.

You're in luck because today you're going to read exactly what focus is and how to use it to your advantage at all times to kick the Force of Average directly in the teeth and out of your way.

In order to be able to focus, you need to know what to focus on.

That's why I created the GCode 
or <G> for short.

Since I started living by the <G> my life has gone from me being angry, scared, bitter, and losing it all over and over, to winning on a daily basis -- in 100% of my life, not just the 25% that represents money.

The <G> is simple to follow, and that's the key. 

If you want to impress someone, make things complicated.

If you want to help them, make it simple. 

I'm about to give you a simple formula you can follow that will beat the Force of Average at its own game and keep you living a life of highs without lows. 

Do not try to overthink or complicate what you are about to read.

Doing so only furthers your victimhood to the Force of Average.

It's time for you to win, keep winning, and then win some more. 

F**ck losing. Leave that to those who choose not to follow the <G>.

If money and business are only 25% of the winning equation, then what makes up the other 75%?

I'm glad you asked because I'm gonna lay out the entire equation for you now. 

The <G> breaks down into the 4 major areas of our lives.

Everything you do in life falls under these four areas. 

Again, don't overcomplicate what you're about to read.

Keep it simple, keep it strategic.

Focus on these 4 areas and WIN.

G1 — Gratitude:

Gratitude is the key to abundance.

If you're not grateful for what you have now, then when you get more of it, you'll only be worse off. 

We all know we need to think abundantly, but it’s not easy -- especially when we live in a world of lack.

If the rich are only 1% of the population, then the other 99% are either living in lack or barely getting by.

That’s because most of us have grown up hearing BS sayings like “money can’t buy happiness.”

Our minds are shaped between the ages of 3 and 7, so it’s no coincidence that we have to constantly fight against thoughts of lack.

It’s just the Force of Average distracting you, and you’ve got to wage war against it with Gratitude (G1). 

Once you become a grateful thinker, you start to appreciate everything, even the struggles sent your way.

After all, the struggle is the first step toward success.

Once you beat the struggles in life, the only thing on the other side is success.

This is why you gotta be grateful for the struggle and the victory that comes from beating it.

The work-life balance is talked about often. It's BS.

The only balance you need to work on is being grateful.

Be grateful for what's now while being in constant pursuit of what's next.

The thing is, though, if you are too grateful for what's now, you will settle.

If you are too worried about what's to come, you won't appreciate what's now.

That’s where you’ve got to find balance.

Your job is to be grateful in all things, which leads to a life of abundance.

Start your day off first thing by writing down at least 5 things you are grateful for that exist in your life right now -- including the hardships.

This rewires your brain after time to be focused on finding things to be grateful for instead of things to fear.

The opposite of abundance is scarcity. The root word of scarcity is scare, which means fear.

Fear is the distraction the Force of Average throws your way.

The key to thinking abundantly is to be grateful.

When you think with gratitude, you think with abundance.

G2 — Genetics: 

Your body is a temple. It's the very thing that carries you through life.

Too often, people make money or find love only to neglect themselves and their bodies. 

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy mind leads to a healthy life.

What good is love and money and everything else if you aren't in optimal shape to enjoy it?

Imagine selling your business for millions of dollars but you are so out of shape you can't take your family out to enjoy the golden years of your life. 

Genetics (G2) breaks down into two equally important parts.

Again, they are simple, but that doesn't mean they aren't super important.

Once you focus on and master these two parts, you get to live life as the greatest and healthiest version of yourself.

When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you can focus.

The first part of genetics is working out and exercise.

Yeah, I know. Most people hate going to the gym.

They hate sweating. They hate aching muscles.

This is what the Force of Average wants you to feel.

The truth is, once you create a routine of exercising, you feel better and get addicted to it.

I recommend exercising first thing in the morning. Get it out of the way and done before you go on to face the day.

It could be running, lifting weights, riding a bike, or anything that gets your body in motion.

The second part of genetics is your diet.

Now, I'm not saying you gotta go full vegan or get on some fad diet like keto where you starve.

I'm talking about setting up a diet you can handle that will allow your body to get the true nutrients it needs and feed it with good stuff.

I'm not saying you can't have burgers and pizza. Maybe you eat 3/4 of the burger or two pieces of pizza instead of four.

If you eat just half of the burger and wait 30 minutes, you'll find you're not as hungry as you thought were.

Matter of fact, if you just cut out 300 calories from your daily diet, which could be switching from Coke to Coke Zero, or eating one less handful of french fries, that's the equivalent of 160+ hours on the treadmill over the year.

It really is that simple.

G3 — Grind:

Here's the part where we talk about work.

The grind is your job. It's how you pay bills and earn a living.

There are three parts to your grind that you need to focus on daily.

Once you create a daily practice of focusing on these three areas, you become unstoppable in your earning abilities.

These three areas are non-negotiable.

Leave one of them out, and you'll continually fall victim to the distractions of the Force of Average.

The first part is the companies you own, run, or work for.

When you focus daily on what needs to be done for the company, you start to advance the company, and then you get to enjoy the money that comes along with scaling.

You should always think “company first, self second.”

Once you get focused on this process, the money follows. 

For me, I live by time blocks militantly.

If it's not on my calendar for the day, it doesn't get done.

I live and die by my calendar.

When you dictate what you do with your time, time revolves around you, unlike most people who let time dictate what they do.

The second part is the employees, your team, and the people you work with or for.

Focusing on being the leader they need, makes the people around you level up alongside you and fast.

When you show the people you work with that you care, want them to win, and you’re willing to lead the way, they start to make sure the company (and the money that comes from it) get cared for the same way you care for it.

The third and final part of the grind is people: the clients, customers, and referral partners who fuel the income your business earns.

Most people care about their customers but don't focus on making their experiences better.

Most people don't focus on making the people who pay them feel good about paying them.

When you have a service-first mentality, the people you do business with want to see you succeed in the same way you and those who work for you do.

G4 — Group:

I believe alignment takes precedence over assignment.

What that means is WHO you do life with matters more than WHAT you do in life.

Let me explain.

If you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with and you surround yourself with complainers, whiners, and losers, you are only destined to become the same.

I grew up in violence and as a direct result of that, I became violent.

When I surrounded myself with winners only, I started to become a winner, too.

Not just in one area, but in all areas. Group (G4) breaks down into four equally important parts.

The first part is your family of choice. This is your spouse, kids, and other people you consider family (blood or not).

I don't have a relationship with my birth family. In order for me to focus on greatness, I had to cut ties with those who held me back.

Instead, I focus on date night weekly with my wife, day dates weekly with my sons, and weekly time spent with the people I care about the most.

Once I got serious about only letting those in my life who are on the same mission as I am, my life leveled up super fast.

I'm known to hang with pro athletes, millionaires, and pastors.

It hasn't always been that way, but I focused on being the best version of me so they would want to be with me instead of running away from me.

The second part is your friends.

I make sure I invest my time and even money into real friends. I go out of my way to invite them to dinner, fun times, and even vacation trips.

I want to be around people like me.

Real friends will stick by your side through thick and thin but will hold you to a higher standard because they care.

The last thing I want is friends who are agents of average who want to bring me down to their level instead of pulling me up to the higher level they operate on.

The third part is the people you work with.

After all, when you work with someone, they see you more than you see your family sometimes.

If we spend 8-10 hours a day at work, it's important to make sure the people we work with are on the same mission as we are.

Also, when you invest in those you work with and show them they matter, they work harder, respect your leadership, and start to level up at a faster than normal pace.

The fourth and final part of your group is your mentors.

These are the people who are levels ahead of you.

They offer to help you level up with them.

Humans are like thermostats.

If your thermostat is set at 70 naturally and you hang with people in the 60s, they will bring you down.

But if you are naturally a 70 and you get mentored by people who are 80s and 90s, they raise your internal thermostat by proxy and mentorship.

I've had mentors both paid and unpaid in my life since 2004.

Without the mentorship I've received over the years, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Matter of fact, that's what I do now. I mentor people just like you.

When you get with the right people at the right time and in the right place, the right things happen.





Now that you see the four areas you need to focus on every day, you have a clear path to becoming the greatest version of yourself.

I've laid out an age-old plan in simple terms that you have no excuse to ignore.

This is how you get to the Apex of your ability, which is exactly why you are still here reading.

You want to be Apex.

We all do!

I'd like to invite you to make the commitment to living by the <G> with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

I've created an unmatched culture of people who represent what winning looks like at all times.


I will mentor you, hold you accountable, and push you beyond your limits by building ramps over the roadblocks in your life.

There is nothing in your past that can hold you back from having the best future you could dream of.

I'm proof of that right here in the flesh.

If you are ready to level up and live out life as the greatest version of yourself, then join us at the top (Apex).

People who run in these circles often say, “Wow! It’s a small world!”

But it's not a small world -- it’s actually a giant world with approximately 8 billion people.

There's just a small circle of us here at the top doing whatever it takes to become better and better on a daily basis.

I've got the trainings, the software, and the accountability systems in place to propel you beyond anything that's ever held you back.

But don't just take it just from me -- read what other Apex members say about our program and the <G>:

Kari Craig I sell real estate in NE FL. Apex and learning and practicing the #gcode changed the game for me 100%. My mindset changed completely. I now see the world from an abundance mindset, and practice gratitude in everything I do. I now have a strong and powerful network of brilliant people from all walks of life and locations who I can bounce ideas off of, seek advice from. We learn and grow together in business and life. I learned how to attract my perfect customer and become more organized and focused in my business, and my income has grown exponentially as a result. I went from bartending, barely scraping by- to making over six figures a year! I have also become fitter and healthier than I have been in 20 years! In Apex we don't just learn how to do better in business, we learn how to be a BOSS in life.

Rob Lewis  Joining Apex, I was still reeling from the massive failure of my export company and had decided that I’d forever play it “safe” as an employee. The network started working for me from day one. Having done business with almost a dozen people from the group, it’s literally a loaded all star team of the best of the best. They’ve given excellent advice that would have cost me thousands from people less qualified and did so with zero expectation of reciprocation. Losing my job should have begun a downward spiral but ended up catapulting me towards entrepreneurship instead thanks to the support of the group. I wagered a huge all-in bet on myself and now I’m leading my own company towards a $5mil first year goal competing fearlessly with businesses doing billions in revenue all while doing something that I absolutely love! For a small investment of a few thousand dollars, I’ll make more this year than I ever have in my life and I’m looking at the possibility of a seven figure income within 24 months.

Anthony Hudson Apex member for life here! There is no better family to be a part of. When you join, be prepared to level up in your faith, family, fitness, and finances just to name a few.

Jessica Stroud I’ve been learning from Ryan Stewman for about 4 years. I’ve been the #1 Referred Insurance Agent in Kansas City for 3 years. No coincidence!

Tomas Keenan In December 2018, I went on a one day mastermind to the Bahamas on a private jet with Ryan Stewman and several other high-level entrepreneurs. A week after coming home, I was asked by Ryan to join his exclusive Apex Elite business coaching program.
Little did I know that our coach would challenge me to write a book that would go on to become an Amazon bestseller in three categories.
That number one bestselling book opened the door to public speaking in front of thousands of people.
Looking back, if you told me all of these things would've taken place, I wouldn't have believed you. I'm proof that if you do the work and follow the program that Ryan has put together, life-changing opportunities will present themselves.

Jeff Dousharm I’ve built or bought over twenty companies, currently own over a dozen, and through our national business brokerage I’ve helped others buy and sell countless more. 

I followed Ryan Stewman for years, figuring out if he was someone I wanted to learn from directly and plug into the ecosystem and program known as Apex. I have no interest in overnight “magic pill” type deals that fake gurus hype up. So if programs can’t deliver and KEEP delivering, then I don’t make time for them and I sure don’t invest in them.
Apex is one of the very few programs that has lived up to the expectations and what I need to continue to scale. Whether someone is joining at the Entourage, Entreprenuer, Executive, or Elite level, the program meets people where they are at. And the training, relationships, support, connection, and accountability all come together to deliver what matters - RESULTS!
When someone commits to this program, they immediately see that the commitment is reciprocated and they are surrounded with others who want to do life together as the most elite version of themselves.
It’s not just about money, but profitability and freedom are definitely part of it. In the years I’ve been with Apex all of my companies have scaled, and so has my life. I’ve literally done things I didn’t realize were possible - like owning planes, taking off even more time for family, and continuing to buy or build more companies!
Thank you Apex, and thank you Ryan Stewman!

Kris Whitehead I first heard about Apex from my brother during a phone call. He was letting me know about the success he was having using Ryan’s programs. Having worked with my brother in the past and his less than stellar results, I was interested to say the least. I joined to network with other people who are serious about growing their business using social media and everything online to attract more leads and sales. What I found was nothing short of miraculous. Within 2 months of joining, I leveled up to Apex Executives and 2 months later have more then earned what I paid to join. If you’re serious about growth and willing to do the work, this program will not just change your bank account...it’ll change your life!

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Jonathan Lautermilch Apex for life. Best investment I've ever made professionally and personally.

Kjell Fruytier It’s a lifechanger. Joined APEX 1.5 months ago and I am in the best shape of my life and became the best version of myself.

This is an application-only process.

I want to make sure you are willing to work, willing to live by the <G>, and ready to take the steps to level up across all four areas of your life. 

Take the time to carefully fill out this application.

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Together, you and I can be the change in the world we want to see.

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